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Silver Snakes "Saboteur"

Following the success of their sophomore record, "Year Of The Snake" on Bridge 9 Records, Los Angeles' Silver Snakes forge down a darker path with radical turns on "Saboteur." The band, comprising Alex Estrada (vocals), Mike Trujillo (bass), Jeremiah Bignell (guitar) and Garrett Harney (drums), continues their evolution of sound by incorporating influences of '90s industrial and elements of doom metal into their post-hardcore sound. The result is cathartic and innovative. Heavy, stabbing riffs crescendo into massive walls of guitars that give way to atmospheric and at times ethereal moments of calm that relay underlying messages of sabotage and deception.

Track Listing:

1. Electricity
2. Glass
3. Raindance
4. Devotion
5. Fire Cloud
6. Red Wolf
7. Charmer
8. La Dominadora
9. Dresden
10. The Loss