Deep Six Records


Siege "Drop Dead"

30th anniversary edition on opaque green vinyl. This edition features the two bonus tracks from the 2006 reissue and the bonus track from the 2009 reissue, making this the most complete version of the release. Siege was one of those more than awesome hardcore bands from Boston, MA that influenced hundreds and hundreds of bands over the years. These nine tracks were recorded in 1984 at Radio Beat in Boston. This is a classic. A must have for anyone interested in '80s hardcore. Infest, Drop Dead, Heresy, Ripcord were all completely influenced by Siege.

Track Listing:

1. Drop Dead
2. Conform
3. Life Of Hate
4. Starvation
5. Armageddon
6. Sad But True
7. Walls
8. Cold War
9. Two-Faced
10. Trained To Kill
11. Questions Beyond The Wall
12. Grim Reaper