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Shai Hulud "Just Can't Hate Enough x 2 "Plus Other Hate Songs"

As everyone knows, new Shai Hulud full-length albums come every five years. "Just Can't Hate Enough x 2 - Plus Other Hate Songs" bridges the gap between their 2013 album "Reach Beyond The Sun" and whatever the next one will be called. On full-lengths, they like to write varied songs and broaden their musical parameters; here, they just raged. 12"ep includes digital download and a silkscreened B-side. This is the opaque yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Sincerely Hated
2. Colder Than The Cold World
3. How Hates The Heart - Or: The Fucking Silence
4. A Profound Hatred Of Man
5. Just Can't Hate Enough
6. Just Can't Hate Enough
7. Blaze Some Hate
8. Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette