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Seven Days Of Samsara "1998-2018"

The complete recordings of Seven Days Of Samsara all recently remastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere) at Dead Air Studios. Twenty-two songs in total compiling all of their previous releases including their splits with Akarso, Cobra Kai, Destroyer, and Since By Man, along with their "Fuck Work" and "Live on WNYU" EPs plus their debut CD, "A Reason To Sing," which is on vinyl for the first time. This collection also contains the first proper release of the song "The Instrumental," which was the final studio recording for the band. LP includes digital download and an 18" x 24" poster. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Can You Walk Single File?
2. Forget Your Pain And Cut To The Refrain
3. Going Once, Going Twice...
4. Bones And Blenders
5. The Truth
6. New Anthem For The T-Shirt Revolution
7. You Elbow Me, I Elbow You
8. Jeremy Can't Hack It
9. Sorting Through The Static
10. Five, Six, Seven, Eight
11. Panienka, Panienka...
12. Best Friends Forever
13. End Of The World As I Know It
14. Bury Your Head
15. Phone Is Ringing, Oh My God
16. Color Between The Chalk Lines
17. Positively Stupid Youth
18. The Instrumental (previously unreleased)
19. Left, Right Left, You're Toothless (live)
20. Bury Your Head (live)
21. Tear Down The Powerlines (live)
22. You Elbow Me, I Elbow You (live)