Unity Worldwide Records


Ryker's / The Eulogy "Casselfornia Uber Alles (Split)"


For their Unity Worldwide Records debut, Germany's hardcore flagship Ryker's has teamed up with the SoCal all-star heavyweights The Eulogy (ex-members of Agnostic Front, Madball, Eye For An Eye, Straight Faced, Throwdown) to bring you four brand-new hardcore smashers including a heavy, new version of Agent Orange's anthem "Bloodstains." Both bands definitely know their roots without living in a glorified past. Bitterly sarcastic lyrics paired with a mighty riff thunderstorm that rolls over everything. 7" includes digital download. Imported from Germany. This is the blue vinyl version, exclusive to Rev.

Track Listing:

1. Ryker's - Idiocrazy
2. Ryker's - Down The Drain
3. The Eulogy - The Trilogy
4. The Eulogy - Bloodstains