Pirates Press Records


Roadside Bombs "Rise Up"

Hot off a main stage performance at Punk Rock Bowling and just in time for their second European tour in the fall, Pirates Press Records is incredibly proud to offer up this new LP entitled "Rise Up." It's dialed-in, start-to-finish, with songs that have already become local favorites and highlights in the band's incredible live set. It conquers serious topics from addiction to heartache, the election, class war and the unachievable "American dream," but done in a way to keep you singing (and sometimes screaming) along the whole time. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Lookin'
2. War On Love
3. 45 RPM
4. Fade Away
5. Best Of The Best
6. Get Out Girl
7. Rise Up
8. One, Two
9. Nowhere CA
10. Don't Bother
11. Election Day