Deathwish, Inc.


Ressurection "I Am Not: The Discography"

Between 1991 and 1994, Ressurection played well over a hundred shows around the US while releasing two EPs, an LP and a few tracks on various compilations. Over a four-year period, the recording reels were dusted off and Kurt Ballou completed a remix at GodCity Studio. Vinyl version includes free digital download. Soon after, additional tracks were collected and the result is the 21-track "I Am Not: The Discography," containing remixes of all three records, the band's first recorded song, as well as their classic live set from KXLU in its entirety (included with the digital download only). 2xLP includes free digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Build
2. Fuck Your Sympathy
3. Bleed
4. Chains
5. I Refuse
6. Culture
7. Gag
8. Melting Away
9. Suffocate
10. Pretty Love
11. Culture
12. Pretty Love
13. Blindside
14. Why
15. Fuck Your Sympathy
16. Suffocate
17. Melting Away
18. On Your Own
19. Out Of Step
20. Their Mind Control (live)
21. Possess (live)