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Reducers SF "Raise Your Hackles"

Still hanging tough in the streets of San Francisco, CA and gearing up for live gigs, new recordings and more, this is Reducers SF's "latest" album. Previously only available on CD from TKO Records (in 2006), "Raise Your Hackles" was certainly a continued commentary about an ever-changing SF punk scene. The 13 tracks on this album, available here for the first time on vinyl, are still as poignant as ever. LP includes digital download card of album and one additional track.

Track Listing:

1. Fading Away
2. You Got Nothin'
3. Knocked Out
4. Who's To Blame
5. The Night
6. Out Tonight
7. Carry On
8. Troubles And Pains
9. Over The Edge
10. Never Break Me
11. Hired Hand
12. Jokes On Me
13. We Are The Same
14. Broad Majestic Shannon (digital download only bonus track)