TKO Records


Poison Idea "Kings Of Punk: Portland Edition"


TKO Records could not be more delighted to FINALLY be able to present this newly remasterd edition of "Kings Of Punk," inarguably one of the most important hardcore punk records of all time. And for the first time since the original release, the impossibly rare friends and family "Portland Edition" version has been faithfully reproduced for this reissue. Each copy includes a 23" x 35" "thanks" poster, a 23" x 29" "band" poster, an 8.5" x 11", 16-page lyric booklet, and a 3.75" x 4.25", "squeal skull" sticker.

Track Listing:

1. Lifestyles
2. Short Fuse
3. God Not God
4. Ugly American
5. Subtract
6. Cop An Attitude
7. Death Wish Kids
8. Made To Be Broken
9. Tormented Imp
10. One By One
11. Out Of The Picture