Black Claw Records


Pillsbury Hardcore "Ghosts Of Straight Edge Past"


"Ghosts Of Straight Edge Past" features the complete 1985, Pillsbury Hardcore recording session from Casbah Studios in Fullerton, CA, engineered by Chaz Ramierez (Social Distortion, D.I., Uniform Choice). It includes all 13 tracks originally released on the "In A Straight Edge Limbo" 7", "Horror Snores" 7" (from the "Budget Ranch" box set), and the V/A "Empty Skulls Vol. #2: The Wound Deepens" LP. Released by founding Pillsbury Hardcore member Shawn Connell on his own label, Black Claw Records, this deluxe presentation brings this Southern California straight-edge band back to life for all to hear, and is complete with cover reproductions, flyers, poster, stickers, and more, making it a must-have for any fan of '80s hardcore.

250 Yellow Smoke

Track Listing:

1. Heavy "Phuckin" Metal
2. Wanna Check Out My Record Collection?
3. Pot Is Lame
4. Pillsbury Hardcore
5. 7-11 Is God
6. I Love Pomona
7. Hey Bob What's Up?
8. Horror Snores
9. Sasquatch
10. Punk Rock
11. Kill Everyone Now
12. I Hate Paper Cuts
13. S.E.V.F.P.