Three One G


Paper Mice "The Funny Papers"

Paper Mice is a three-piece whirligig from Chicago, IL, that blends a freakish range of influences into miniature, prog-punk puzzles. Their first album, "Paint It Pink," featured 16 short, spastic songs about bizarre news stories, botched surgeries, and hirsute politicians. The follow-up, "The Funny Papers," continues the band's jagged jaunt through the world of current events with 11 tracks about canine heroes, fast-food, and financial meltdowns, and Dolly Parton.

Track Listing:

1. When Bugs Cry
2. Big Blank
3. Simulacra
4. Hot Air
5. Swine Flu Suits
6. Cannon Fodder
7. Don't Worry About The Governor
8. Research And Destroy
9. Dog Only Knows
10. Angry Meal
11. Banking Up The Wrong Tree