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Out Of Body "(Voiceless)"

Creating a beautiful monster from nothing but determination, Out Of Body is an Austin, TX-based alternative rock quartet formed by progressive musician Gjared Robinson. The band is now unleashing their full-length debut "Voiceless," a tasteful and modern blend of '90s space rock and alternative metal featuring 10 riff-solid, dynamic songs filled with mosh grooves, synth-drenched atmospheres, melodic harmonies and soaring solos. Out Of Body plays alternative rock in today's framework and this debut grows addictively refreshing with every listen. LP includes digital download and is limited to 558 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Going Wrong
2. Notes
3. Vampires
4. Speculation
5. In The Back
6. Trigger Happy
7. Bed Dust
8. Evaporate
9. Voiceless
10. Only Once