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Orden Mundial / Muro "Sonido De La Negacion (Split)"

Bogota, Columbia's Muro and Mallorca, Spain's Orden Mundial have been flattening audiences all over the world with their unrelenting passion and energy. Recorded in Berlin in the icy grips of winter 2017, Orden Mundial devastate the A-side with a uniquely southern Spanish take on some classic American HC tropes like the buzzsaw sensibility of "This Is Boston Not LA"-era Jerry's Kids, part noisecore a la Confuse, all blended with a dirge desperation that "side B"-era Black Flag would leap upon with utter enthusiasm. Muro follow with an equally massive grip of songs in their uniquely "Muro" style. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Orden Mundial - Heridas
2. Orden Mundial - Marginal
3. Orden Mundial - Vais A Sufrir
4. Orden Mundial - Los Ojos De La Justicia
5. Muro - Division
6. Muro - Desperdicio En Produccion
7. Muro - Infertil
8. Muro - Universal
9. Muro - La Ciudad Es Hostil