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New Flowers "Cold War Collection"

First installment of the eastern bloc series. A Collection of tracks from &nbsp;one of the first Bulgarian punk bands, 79-95. Punk didn’t have it easy in socialist Bulgaria, a country in which all aggressive rock music was suppressed. This didn’t keep Novi Cvetya (“New Flowers”) from playing it as early as 1979. Based in Kyustendi, a medium-sized town close to the Serbian border, the lads benefited from being able to listen to punk rock on Yugoslav radio. Maybe that is why their sound more strongly resembled late-'70s Yugo-punk bands such as Paraf and Pankrti than anything British or American. New Flowers’s songs are simple and have a typically Balkanese, tongue-in-cheek feel and sense of the absurd. Limited edition of 300 copies.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Demobbed
2. We Are Innocent
3. Revolting Grief
4. Blake
5. Kyustendil
6. Snow
7. Don't Cry
8. There Are No Requests
9. Let's Go To Corecom
10. Dream
11. Spring
12. Erotica And Porn
13. Patriot
14. Radiation
15. After Celebration
16. Tower Bloc