Toxic State Records


Mommy "Songs About Children"

This might be the most unique punk record to be released in 2016. An incredible example of the true spirit of what makes the contemporary NYC punk scene so special, as it is a completely enveloping experience that brings the listener into the harrowing and unwelcoming world of mental illness in ways few bands ever have. Mommy spiritually aligns with a bands like Rudimentary Peni without feeling the need to try and sound like them. Punk should be difficult and challenging, not tepid rehashings of former glory, and this record is certainly challenging. Essential.

Track Listing:

1. The Day I Turned Thirteen
2. NY Presbyterian
3. No More Fathers
4. Learning In The Bathroom
5. In My Dollhaus (Please Never Leave Me)
6. My Two Dead Dogs
7. How To Act At Funerals
8. A Jealous Boy
9. Mommy