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Misery Signals "Mirrors"

Few bands can turn adversity on its head the way Misery Signals has. Following the departure of founding vocalist Jesse Zaraska, the band rebounded in style by finding the perfect replacement in Karl Schubach. Schubach was part of an open audition that had hopefuls recording their vocals on an instrumental track available on their MySpace page. Commenting on the new guy, guitarist Ryan Morgan says, "Karl has a monstrous voice perfect for what people have enjoyed from the band in the past." Re-loaded, the band hit the Cleveland recording studio of producer Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Zao) for a month this spring, recording their second full-length "Mirrors." The band has crafted an album which they claim is even heavier than their celebrated debut "Of Malice And The Magnum Heart," but also more atmospheric and ambient as well.

Track Listing:

1. Face Yourself
2. The Failsafe
3. Post Collapse
4. Migrate
5. One Day I'll Stay Home
6. Something Was Always Missing, But It Was Never You
7. Reverence Lost
8. Sword Of Eyes
9. An Offering To The Insatiable Sons Of God (Butcher)
10. Anchor
11. Mirrors