QCHQ Records


Mere Mortal "Tartarus"

With members hailing from various parts of England, Mere Mortal's debut 12"ep, "Tartarus," harks back to the raw sound and atmosphere of the often under-rated UK trash-metal scene; many listeners notice a distinct similarity in vocalist Liam Fox's approach to that of Benediction-era Barney Greenway, as well as Bolt Thrower's beloved Karl Willetts. Permeated with the darkness, intensity, and authority of those forbearers, Fox conjures images of apocalyptic death and despair, leading the charge of Mere Mortal's thrash assault. Behind him, bassist Tom Pimlott, drummer Adam Rogers, and guitarists Maegan Brooks and Joe Sam Williams charge ahead with a sound that remains equally close to the UK - evoking memories of bands like Virus, Sabbat, Hellbastard, and Sacrilege. Limited edition of 400 copies. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Hellfire
2. Blue Planet
3. The Megalodon
4. Scarecrow
5. Chronos