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Meltdown "s/t"

Just in time for New England's summer cold snap, we proudly unleash the Meltdown demo, revamped and pressed up onto some environment polluting colored vinyl 7-inchers. This brutal metallic hardcore band boasts current and former members of Verse, Learn and Rampage, fronted by indomitable hype-man, and publisher of Final Word Fanzine, Pauly Edge. Pauly's frenzied rantings are backed by riffs and breakdowns that sound as if they could have been lifted directly from Obituary and Cro-Mags records. This limited vinyl EP will be exquisitely wrapped in 4-color silkscreened covers featuring artwork by James "Gunsho" Quigley.

Track Listing:

1. Cashing In
2. Bad Blood
3. Your Destruction
4. Thin Ice