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Maroon "When Worlds Collide"

First time ever on vinyl. Maroon's third full-length was released in 2006 as a CD only via Century Media Records. Now, 13 years later, this metalcore gem gets its first ever vinyl edition. LP includes a 16.5" x 11.75" poster and is limited to 500 copies. Imported from Germany.

Track Listing:

1. 24 Hourhate
2. And If I Lose, Welcome Annihilation
3. Sirius
4. Wake Up In Hell
5. Annular Eclipse
6. Arcturus
7. Confessions Of The Heretic
8. There Is Something You Will Never Erase
9. The Omega Suite Pt. II
10. Sword And Bullet
11. Vermin
12. Koo She
13. Below Existence