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Marching Orders "From 2002 To 2020: Brothers In Arms"


By the time the smashing debut album "Days Gone By" was released in 2010, Marching Order's line-up had already become quite stable. Another full-length album followed in 2013 and the band had about a dozen releases under their belt by then, a number of which were 7" EPs and splits. "Brothers In Arms" is the first output from the band in nearly a decade and is a comprehensive collection of all those songs that they had released on those singles, EPs, and compilations - as well as four previously unreleased songs. Limited edition of 500 copies. Imported from Canada.

Track Listing:

1. Nihilistic
2. Traitor
3. Thief In The Night (bonus track/previously unreleased)
4. Brothers In Arms
5. Never Let You Down
6. Minimum Wage
7. Something More Than This
8. Life Of Crime (bonus track/previously unreleased)
9. Glory Days (bonus track/previously unreleased)
10. Mass Hysteria
11. Epidemic
12. Nation Of Ghosts
13. Stuck In A Rut
14. To This Day
15. Songs Of Yesterday
16. Mods Skins Punks
17. Promised Land (bonus track/previously unreleased)
18. Worth The Fight