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Man Overboard "Heavy Love"

New Jersey pop-punk defenders Man Overboard has spent the past seven years touring the world, sharing the stage with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Bayside, New Found Glory, The Wonder Years and more. For their 2015 full-length, "Heavy Love," Man Overboard enlisted the help of legendary punk producer Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, Descendents, A Day To Remember). Together they have crafted 12 songs that are undoubtedly the band's strongest and most exciting material to date. "Heavy Love" is destined to become the most recognizable album in the band's catalog. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. Vinyl version includes CD.

Track Listing:

1. Now That You're Home
2. Borderline
3. Reality Check
4. Splinter
5. The Note
6. Cliffhanger
7. She's In Pictures
8. Invisible
9. Deal
10. Anything
11. For Jennie
12. A Love That I Can't Have