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Less Art "Strangled Light"

Less Art is the alliance of brothers Riley and Ed Breckenridge of Thrice, Ian Miller and Jon Howell of Kowloon Walled City, and Mike Minnick of Curl Up And Die. On "Strangled Light," these five veterans bash out their own new version of post-hardcore - "post-hardcore by post-youths" is how they cheekily describe themselves, but this music is dead serious. The musicianship is world-class; the perspective is world-weary; the sound is fresh and urgent and crackling with feeling. Vinyl version includes download code.

Track Listing:

1. Optimism As Survival
2. Diana The Huntress
3. Mood 7 Mind Destroyer: Guilt
4. Wandering Ghost
5. Pessimism As Denial
6. Shapeshifter
7. Crushed Out
8. What Is It In Man?
9. Strangled Light