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Leftover Crack "Constructs Of The State"

Leftover Crack is a scarce commodity in the music world, having generated a sub-genre which was completely unique. Drawing on the success of their first iteration, "Choking Victim," Leftover Crack took ska/punk/crust to new heights with the innovation of what they cheekily dubbed "squat-core." Their sound infuses hardcore, metal, ska, classical, grindcore, folk and various other elements into what has become the gold standard of the modern crust/punk genre. LOC's 2015 full-length (first since 2004), "Constructs Of The State," is a jarring reminder of that fact. The 13 tracks are a sonic assault laden with the fiercely overt political and socio-economic lyrical content the band are known for. "Constructs Of The State" shows the band's progression with a very cohesive feel yet it still contains all the varied and volatile ingredients that fans expect. The album also boasts contributions from a who's who of the punk world including members of Operation Ivy, Crass, Bouncing Souls, Riverboat Gamblers, Blackbird Raum, Days N Daze, Conquest For Death, Intro5pect, just to name a few. From front to back, "Constructs Of The State" never lets up, thrashing from one massive moment to the next. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Archaic Subjugation
2. Don't Shoot
3. Loneliness & Heartache
4. System Fucked
5. Slave To The Throne
6. Bedbugs & Beyond
7. Corrupt Vision
8. Last Legs
9. The Lie Of Luck
10. Poliamor Fiesta Crack!
11. Vicious Constructs
12. Amanecer De Los Muertos
13. The War At Home