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Durty Mick Records


Left Alone / Deadly Sins "Empty Bottles & Lost Words (Split)"


Emerging as a fresh voice in the long-standing Boston punk scene, Stephanie Dougherty and Billy Brown formed Deadly Sins in 206. Stephanie is best known for her lending vocals to the Dropkick Mutphys hit single "The Dirty Glass" and Billy both singing and playing guitar in Crash And Burn. Soon after, the lineup was complete with the addition of Brendan Maguire (Reach The Sky), Nathan Bice (Even In Blackouts) and Joe Packard. One of the hardest working independent bands in the underground scene today, Left Alone has truly made their mark. Formed in 1996 by frontman Elvis Cortez in the streets of Wilmington, CA comes this four-piece band that has slowly moved from backyards to local clubs selling out shows just by word of mouth. Under the influences of bands such as The Clash, Rancid, Swingin' Utters, Operation Ivy and Elvis Costello, Left Alone manages to bring a new sound true to their roots they love so much.