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Leeway "Desperate Measures"

"Desperate Measures" is the 1991 follow-up to "Born To Expire" and featured a new bass player and drummer plus a sound that delved further into the realm of crossover and thrash metal. Also found are more elements of funk, rhythm and groove. This 2015 reissue features the original 10 tracks plus eight songs recorded live at JC Staddijk, The Netherlands, 1991. CD includes eight additional tracks. Imported from Belgium.

Track Listing:

1. Make Me An Offer
2. All About Dope
3. Soft Way Out
4. Stand For
5. No Heroes
6. Kingpin
7. Who's To Blame
8. Ball Hugger
9. Two Minute Warning
10. The Future (Ain't What It Used To Be)
11. The Future (Ain't What It Used To Be) (live) (bonus track)
12. Enforcer (live) (bonus track)
13. Who's To Blame (live) (bonus track)
14. No Heroes (live) (bonus track)
15. Kingpin (live) (bonus track)
16. Stand For (live) (bonus track)
17. Rise & Fall (live) (bonus track)
18. Mark Of The Squealer (live) (bonus track)