Generation Records


Leeway "Born To Expire (Color Vinyl)"


2024 marks the 35th anniversary release of Leeway's legendary album "Born To Expire." Generation and Upstate Records are proud to commemorate with a limited, new vinyl pressing of the groundbreaking debut record from this NYC quintet that forever changed both the hardcore and metal scenes, with its hard-hitting songs, production value, and solid musicianship. This reissue of "Born To Expire" is dedicated to the loving memory of Michael Gibbons. This is the black and yellow marble vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 200 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Rise & Fall
2. Mark Of The Squealer
3. Be Loud
4. On The Outside
5. Defy You
6. Enforcer
7. Tools For War
8. Born To Expire
9. Marathon
10. Self Defense
11. Catholic High School (Girls In Trouble)
12. Unexpected