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Leatherface "Horsebox"

Frankie Stubbs has delivered another manifesto of emotional overload, of vocal heart meltdown on record for a solid 47 minutes. Delivering the first Leatherface album of new material in six years, "Horsebox" is another stunning achievement of brain, brawn, guts, pathos and liquid fire. Even without the gut-wrenching cover of Nick Cave's "Ship Song," it's clear these guys don't just pummel you senseless - they flat out know how to play, and Stubbs writes and arranges in an extremely mature manner that feels more complex the more you hear the individual parts. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Sour Grapes
2. Evo Pop
3. Soundbites
4. Watching You Sleep
5. True Colours
6. Grip
7. Choice
8. Lorrydrivers Son
9. Ship Song
10. Eddy Bumble
11. Closing Time
12. Wing Ding
13. Kill DJ's
14. Box Jellyfish