Rad Girlfriend Records


Leatherface "Cherry Knowle"


Leatherface's first, classic album, "Cherry Knowle," has been remastered for a beautiful reissue on Rad Girlfriend Records. Originally released by Meantime Records in 1989, "Cherry Knowle" has been long out of print. Leatherface is one of the most influential punk-rock bands of the '90s, combining complex melody and riffs with poetic lyricism; some consider them to be one of the greatest bands to ever do it.

Track Listing:

1. Colorado Joe/Leningrad Vlad
2. Animal Day
3. This Land
4. Ghetto
5. Discipline
6. Postwar Product Of A Fat Man's Wallet
7. Cabbage Case
8. Right Reverend
9. Alright Jack
10. Sublime
11. Smile (You're In A Free And Pleasant Land)
12. Goulash
13. Heaven