Unity Worldwide Records


Lastlight / Tausend Lowen Unter Feinden "Compilation Of Unity (Split)"

With their first release, Unity Worldwide Records presents you a split 7" featuring the Californian band Lastlight and the German band Tausend Lowen Unter Feinden. The journey of Lastlight started in March 2016, after reuniting with their previous bands (Outspoken, Ignite, Mean Season, Blood Days) for a benefit for a fallen friend, where they realized they are not done yet, they still have so much more to contribute. The German band Tausend Lowen Unter Feinden (translation: Thousand Lions Amongst Enemies) started out in 2014 and brings you old-school hardcore with socially critical lyrics in their native tongue. 7" includes digital download. Limited edition of 100 copies on yellow vinyl, exclusive to Rev.

Track Listing:

1. Tausend Lowen Unter Feinden - Illusion
2. Tausend Lowen Unter Feinden - Berg
3. Tausend Lowen Unter Feinden - What We Have
4. Lastlight - Conquer And Rise
5. Lastlight - New Beginnings