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Know The Score "All Or Nothing"

Blunt lyrics combined with short blasts and mid-tempo stomps serve as the blueprint for Know The Score's stylized brand of core. Contains "All Guts, Still No Glory" and "All Time Low" on one LP. For fans of Judge, Negative Approach and Ringworm.

Track Listing:

1. Terminal
2. $2000 Guarantee
3. Hell Or High Water
4. Hammerhead
5. Safety In Numbers
6. Shooting Jesus Fish In A Barrel
7. Bag Of Bones
8. God Damn Rich Cu*t
9. Halftime
10. Red Sox Nation My Ass
11. Malicious Intent
12. Bragging Rights
13. Hit And Run
14. Drink And Fight
15. Ex-Members Of I Dont Give A Fuck
16. State Of Disgrace
17. All Time Low
18. Hands Of Stone
19. Bullshit Artist
20. Did Not Commit
21. Concrete Coffin
22. N.V.
23. Safety In Numbers
24. Ex-Members Of I Dont Give A Fu*k
25. Phased Out
26. Swing Em Like You Got Em
27. Red Sox Nation My Ass
28. Due Respect
29. Youve Been Used
30. Pissing Contest
31. Upper Deck
32. Pep Talk