Redscroll Records


Kidnapped "Collected Works. 2017-2019"

Three-piece, fast hardcore with brief, feedbacking breakdowns; their live sets are furious sprints into oblivion. Kidnapped aren't done, but what they've accomplished in two short years is release five cassettes worth of hard-as-nails, fast-as-hell, concise, blasting face-rippers. For fans of Infest, Crossed Out, Hatred Surge, and Dead In The Dirt.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Obnoxious
2. It's Always The Same
3. Traits
4. Justin's Song
5. Thanks For Coming Out, We Have Two Songs Left
6. Stagnation
7. Behind This Tongue
8. Break The Chain
9. Lobotomy
10. Asphyxiant
11. Shit Tier Kinda Guy
12. Bred For Labor
13. It's About Prosperity
14. Life's A Simulation
16. Raviolis
17. Vigor
18. Ulcer
19. Sadistic DJ Sets Dancer On Fire
20. Durry
21. Just Listen To Diana Ross
22. Scibelli Mondays
23. Leave Me To The Corn, Boys
24. Rico's Cig Money
25. There's Nothing
26. If Another Porn Bot Hacks My Shit Again It's War Motherfucker
27. Catch And Kill
28. Song 2 By Blur
29. Tried To Embrace You, Hung Your Flesh On My Wall Instead
30. Suboxone Queen
31. Fertilize
32. Preda