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Jericho RVA "Worker's Union"

Screw the term "post hardcore" that music critiques nowadays use as an easy way out of describing a band1s real sound. And let's begin with JERICHO. A rock band with ethics more accurately describes them. JERICHO conjures up the feeling and realness of the great Dischord Records bands of the-mid to late 80's. Their socially charged lyrics and creatively worded personal songs hit home to many listeners. Backed by catchy yet hard hitting dueling guitars, painfully tight time changes and spot on rhythm section, hook filled and emotionally raw vocals can dig deep into ones soul. JERICHO sites bands like Hot Water Music, AVAIL, Against Me, Jawbreaker, Kid Dynamite and Strike Anywhere as mentors, friends and inspiration. It's safe to assume that the boys in JERICHO are far from the many pop culture worshipping "punk" dipshits who rely heavily on gimmicks and poorly concocted "images" to make their music only temporarily appealing to the masses.

Track Listing:

1. Sunday Pints
2. Beauty Fades
3. 50 Cent Hearts
4. Second Wind
5. Running In Circles
6. They All Go To California
7. Oxygen
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