Three One G


Jenny Piccolo "s/t"

Jenny Piccolo hailed from Northern California, following the break up of Gravity Records' and GSL's Mohinder. This punishing, three-piece powerhouse became a prominent part of the Three One G family by touring nonstop and sharing a split EP with sister band The Locust. This discography collects Jenny Piccolo's recorded output into one merciless, dizzying assault.

Track Listing:

1. Joined At The Brain
2. Six
3. Wood Breaking Manifesto
4. One Watt
5. Punky Brewster
6. Product Of Power
7. Purity Control
8. Suicide Cliche
9. Jade
10. Traction Reaction
11. Hand That Feeds
12. East Reed
13. Dim Bulb
14. Heavy Metal Weekend
15. Bipolar On Lithium
16. Severe Battery
17. Bore Dome
18. Tank Om Jag Vore En Dods Maskin, Bara Ga Omkring Och Slosa Liv (AKA: Have You Seen My Tanks?)
19. Total Alienation
20. Blunt Still Burns
21. Amber Gambler
22. Red Dead
23. Purity Control
24. High School Handgun Fever
25. Cyanide Inhaler
26. True Til' Death
27. Left Behind
28. Bearing Holes
29. Sedate
30. Legal Lynching
31. God's Gym
32. We Are All Illegal
33. Donation To The Deaf