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I The Mighty "Connector"

I The Mighty's highly anticipated sophomore album, "Connector," was recorded with acclaimed producer Mike Green, the man behind such hit albums as Pierce The Veil's "Selfish Machines" and All Time Low's "Don't Panic." The new material showcases the band's matured songwriting and emerging pop sensibilities while continuing to feature vocalist Brent Walsh's signature brand of storytelling against a backdrop of acrobatic guitar work that fans are sure to appreciate. For fans of Pierce The Veil, Say Anything and Coheed And Cambria.

Track Listing:

1. An Epilogue As A Prologue
2. Lady Of Death
3. The Lying Eyes Of Miss Erray
4. Psychomachia
5. Adrift
6. Slow Dancing Forever
7. Friends
8. Playing Catch With .22
9. Andrew's Song
10. The Hound And The Fox
11. (No) Faith In Fate
12. The Frame I: Betrayal In The Watchtower
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