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Iron Reagan "Spoiled Identity"

Absolutely zero-bullshit, thrashing punk/hardcore from Richmond, VA. Originally only available as a Decibel Magazine flexi, this sought-after EP is finally in print with two previously unreleased bonus tracks. Thirteen tracks of no-filler, stripped-down audio assault. For fans of D.R.I., Municipal Waste and Suicidal Tendencies. 12"ep includes digital download code and a silkscreened B-side.

Track Listing:

1. Tounge Tied
2. The Living Skull
3. I'm Regret
4. Zero Gain
5. One Shovel Short Of A Funeral
6. Spoiled Indentity
7. Your Kids An Asshole
8. The Hungry Male (Of Wall St.)
9. Cops Don't Like Me, I Don't Like Cops
10. Declaration Of War
11. I Spit On Your Face/Grave
12. Court Adjourned
13. The Hill Witch
14. U Lock The Bike Cop (Version 1)
15. Glocking Out