1917 Records


I Rise "For Redemption"

One of the most anticipated LPs of the summer for the new crop of Massachusetts hardcore bands, I Rise (comprised of former members of Youth Attack and current members of Ambitions) brings us "For Redemption," a record that builds on their hard-hitting, mid-tempo sound that's blended with charged lyrics, a style that is reminiscent of some mid/late-'90s bands, but with a their own, brand new flavor. For fans of Bane, Have Heart and Every Time I Die. Now available on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. The Wolf
2. Status Call
3. Long Road To Redemption
4. Pistol Pete
5. ...Ellipses
6. Soul Searching
7. The Door
8. Self Solitude
9. Of Power And Passion
10. See No Evil