Backbite Records


Integrity "Those Who Fear Tomorrow: Unmixed Version"

Earlier this year, Dwid had the "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" reels transferred from analog to digital. The studio handling the transfer provided him with reference audio of what was on the reels. He was surprised to hear how the contents, unmixed, actually sounded great. So this limited-edition record shares that recording. There are no effects, no level changes, it's just the raw recording naked for all to experience. Now available again on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. LP includes a 24" x 24" poster. This is the yellow splatter vinyl version. Imported from Germany.

Track Listing:

1. Den Of Iniquity
2. Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow
3. Diehard
4. Lundgren/Crucifixion
5. Judgment Day
6. Descent Into...
7. Darkness
8. Tempest
9. In Contrast Of Sin
10. Dawn Of A New Apocalypse
11. Wings Tear
12. Harder They Fall
13. Candra Nama Vijayasya Stri Pums' Calayasti
14. Apollyons Whisper
15. March Of The Damned