Three One G


Hot Nerds "Generic Plans For A New Blunder"

A first, uncritical pass through Hot Nerds' new, five-song EP might leave the listener wondering if they've just heard a set of tunes that might've helped to round out the not-quite-year-old, not-particularly-long-playing LP "Strategically Placed Bananas." After all, the band continues to wear its Arab On Radar influence on its wizard sleeves. But take another listen, and you'll hear a band taking a significant step forward and actively carving out a new space for itself.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Belated Brains
2. Generic Plans For A New Blunder
3. Faded Ripper
4. Strawberry Feels (For A Short Period Of Time)
5. More Lube On The Frontal Lobe