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Horrorpops "Bring It On!"


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Bring It On! Is the second full-length release by rock 'n' rollers, HorrorPops! The album is a creepy, catchy, sexy, sordid, booze-drenched maelstrom of, needle prick guitar riffs, chest rattling bass, and ear-popping drums that is sure to grab you by the ears and twist 'em until they fall off!

Track Listing:

1. Freaks In Uniforms
2. Hit 'N Run
3. Bring It On!
4. It's Been So Long
5. Undefeated
6. You Vs. Me
7. Crawl Straight Home
8. Trapped
9. Walk Like A Zombie
10. Where You Can't Follow
11. Caught In A Blonde
12. S.O.B.
13. Who's Leading You Now
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