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Hirax "Thrash And Destroy"


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Back in print at a great price is this 2xLP set of Hirax's live performance November 3, 2007, in Dittigheim, Germany. A raw, kick-ass show to a sold-out audience. Eighteen total songs of Southern California's thrash metal legends.

Track Listing:

1. El Dia De Los Muertos
2. 100,000 Strong
3. Lucifer's Infierno
4. Blind Faith
5. The New Age Of Terror
6. Chaos And Brutality
7. Hate, Fear And Power
8. Hostile Territory
9. Destroy
10. Broken Neck
11. Bombs Of Death
12. El Diablo Negro
13. Barrage Of Noise
14. Walk With Death
15. The Plague
16. Mouth Sewn Shut
17. Assassins Of War
18. Unleash The Dogs Of War
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