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Higley "s/t"

Arizona alternative rockers Higley, featuring Kevin Carl (G-Whiz), Bill Stevenson (Descendents/All), Bob Hoag (Pollen) and James Menefee (River City High/Funsize), has released their debut self-titled album. Higley's first offering was recorded at The Blasting Room in Colorado and Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, AZ. It was produced by Bill Stevenson (Blasting Room tracks) and Bob Hoag (Flying Blanket tracks) and mastered by Jason Livermore.

Track Listing:

1. That's Not Me
2. 4 Bit Man
3. Goodnight Old Ghost
4. No Need To Know
5. FUP
6. Toledo
7. For A Minute
8. Damne Van
9. 5 Minutes
10. About You
11. This Is...
12. Daddy's Promise
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