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Herder "Fergean"

With "Fergean," their brand new album, Herder once again proves they're not just a bunch of uncontrollable madmen; they also show that their own unique blend of sludge, stoner and doom metal makes them one of the best bands in the world of riff-laden music. Lyrically, the new album focuses on the annihilation and total destruction of the world and civilization inflicted by the human race, all portrayed through the Roman emperors and their merciless behavior and hunger for power. An incredible mixture of styles filled with aggression, innovative riffs and great melodies.

Track Listing:

1. Foregone Conclusions
2. Evasion Of Truth
3. Radiating Silence
4. Grand Precipitations
5. Everlasting Pace
6. All Is Lost
7. No One Is Spared In The End
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