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Hellbent "1983-1984 Demos"

Emerging from NYC's lower east side when hard and heavy ruled the land, Hellbent forged their dark and brooding sound, mixing equal parts Discharge and Venom with a health dose of the macabre. Members also did time in Nausea, Reagan Youth, Verbal Abuse, Misfits, Sacrilege, and many more. This LP contains two long-lost demo sessions recorded by the legendary Don Fury in 1983-1984, and includes a 12" x 36" poster containing many never-before-seen photos and flyers.

Track Listing:

1. Anti-Christ
2. Daily Death
3. Meat For The Grinder
4. Ballad Of Ed Gein
5. T.V. Screen
6. Rigor Mortis
7. Death Becomes You
8. No Escape
9. World Of No Tomorrow
10. Hellbent
11. Media Blitz
12. Ballroom Blitz
13. Born To Be Wild
14. Borstal Breakout