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Heaven Shall Burn "Antigone"

Formed in the mid-'90s in Germany, Heaven Shall Burn took the familiar stylings of Swedish death metal and gave them hardcore attitude over the span of a double digits number of records. "Antigone" is thought to be the band's best work and was originally released in 2004 on Century Media. Now available again on colored vinyl. Imported from Germany.

Track Listing:

1. Echoes (Intro)
2. The Weapon They Fear
3. The Only Truth
4. Architects Of The Apocalypse
5. Voice Of The Voiceless
6. Numbing The Pain
7. To Harvest The Storm
8. Risandi Von (Outro)
9. Bleeding To Death
10. Tree Of Freedom
11. The Dream Is Dead
12. Deyjandi Von (Outro)
13. Strasenkampf (bonus track)