Three One G


Head Wound City "s/t"

Head Wound City is undoubtedly a supergroup, and one that is not to be overlooked. If most people were to be asked what they thought of a band that was two parts The Locust, equal parts The Blood Brothers, and one part Yeah Yeah Yeahs, they would answer only with an intrigued but incredulous look. Not surprisingly (if you are familiar with any of the members' other bands), the music is a whirlwind of intensity, which is fitting given that it was written, recorded and produced in the span of only a week before being released by Three One G in 205.

Track Listing:

1. Radical Friends
2. I'm A Taxidermist - I'll Stuff Anything
3. Prick Class
4. Street College
5. New Soak For Our Empty Pocket
6. Thrash Zoo
7. Michael J Fux Feat. Gnarls In Charge