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Deathwish, Inc.


Harm Wulf "There's Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The Till"

Harm Wulf is the bedroom musical entity of G. Hirsch, known for his moving lyrical and vocal contributions in Philadelphia, PA's Blacklisted. Harm Wulf's debut album is a collection of songs that touch upon the dark and rustic themes of solitude and aging disappointment. Most times sparse and austere, others apocalyptically orchestrated, Harm Wulf has the sound of something long since missing. LP includes free download.

Track Listing:

1. Old Fur
2. Silk Soul
3. Astral Oblivion
4. When Old Becomes New
5. More Weight
6. Spectrum Blues
7. We Hold Empty Names
8. Bone Picker
9. There's Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The Till (I & II)
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