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Hang The Bastard "Sex In The Seventh Circle"

Sex In The Seventh Circle is a brash expression forged by four years of steady touring and lineup changes that resulted in this riff-worshipping, stoner-metal assault which can easily be regarded as the band's strongest material to date. In the four years since the release of "Helfire Reign," the band has toured with Nails, Orange, Goblin, Valient Thorr and Xibalba as well as appearing at some of the world's biggest metal festivals.

Track Listing:

1. Keeping Vigil
2. Morrs Tempest
3. Hornfel
4. The Lesser Key
5. The Majestic Gathering Of Goetia
6. Mists Of Albion
7. Sex In The Seventh Circle
8. Snake Symbol (Reprised)
9. Absorption
10. Beyond The Pale
11. Sweet Mother
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