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Hangman "A Vile Decree"

Influenced by the likes of Terror, Neglect, Vision Of Disorder, Backtrack, Biohazard and Madball, Hangman delivered their first demo in 2014 and their Hangman "II" EP in 2015, which helped the fledgling act begin to infiltrate the Long Island and NYHC scenes. Five furious tunes are delivered on "A Vile Decree," with upbeat circle-pit energy interjected with slamming grooves and vicious breakdowns. Hangman captured the tracks in late spring 2017, the EP recorded and mixed at Silver Bullet Studio in Connecticut with Greg Thomas (Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, Recycled Earth) and mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering. 7" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Pesticide
2. Coming To
3. Abandoned
4. A Vile Decree
5. Life Sentence (Hangman)