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Iodine Recordings


Gregor Samsa "27:36"


With long standing ties to the Richmond, VA experimental underground, Gregor Samsa blends the dynamic range of Godspeed You Black Emperor, the melodic subtleties of Slowdive, and the swirling guitar maelstrom of My Bloody Valentine into a fusion of hushed atmospherics and disorienting noisescapes. During their hypnotic live performances, songs stretch into one another, projected images mesh with sound, and volume shifts from a whisper to a roar. This is the violent warmth of Gregor Samsa. This three song full length may be small in tracks, but extends over 30 minutes of material. The music is filtered through the paranoia and bright-eyed loneliness, that only a southern soul could truly grasp. The chaotic nature of their live show is channeled into a lush, multi-layered recording, with subtle male-female vocal layering, erupting drums, and the interplay of acoustic and electric piano, organ, and synthesized instrumentation.