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Glue Traps "Future Shocks"

Glue Traps comes crawling from the filthy, rat-infested streets of Baltimore, MD, smashing 12 Mystic Records-styled, early-USHC rippers into their first 45 RPM single. A complete knuckle-dragging throwback to the halcyon days of the quick and dirty hardcore-punk EPs of RKL, The Clitboys, and Neos. Members have also served time in Syringe, Deep Sleep, and WarXGames. Limited edition of 500 copies.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Future Shocks
2. Caged
3. Falling Backwards
4. Radiate
5. Push The Limit
6. Bury Me
7. Instant War
8. Nuke D.C.
9. Coldest Grip
10. No Utopia
11. Not Here
12. Too Fucked Up